meadowbHi, I’m Meadow — your typical Jewish, Black, Jamaican, Puerto Rican only child. I recently received my Master of Social Work (MSW) from the New York University Silver School of Social Work and became licensed in NY as an LMSW. Prior to this degree, I had a decade-long career in communications as a graphic designer, writer, and editor, in addition to a few stints in other industries (more below). I’ve lived in New York City for more than 20 years, but grew up delivering newspapers and shoveling snow on the hard streets of suburban Albany.

My vision as a social worker is inspired by a commitment to equity, social justice, and love. For that reason, I work through the lens of trauma-informed care, which asks “What happened to you?” rather than “What’s wrong with you?”; and critical race theory, which examines the distribution of power in our society. In social work, we put our hearts on the line — indeed, there’s no other way.

In the past, I have also been a member of a community garden and a CSA (farm share), cooked multi-ethnic, organic meals for families as a personal chef, created my own line of handmade candles, taught special education in a high school, hosted international travelers in a home-based bed-and-breakfast, and painted sets in textile showrooms. Please click around to read and see some of my work. Thanks for stopping by!


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